“Squirmees is a story of a colorful kind, born from the cosmos, the beginning of time. Each one special, each one unique, all shapes and sizes from their head to their feet.”

Our cosmic story begins as a NFT art collection of 500 Squirmees - Series 1 (genesis collection.)

Each Squirmees is 1 of 1 hand drawn, non-generative, truly one-of-a-kind pieces of art.

You can see how Squirmees visually evolved from #1 to #500 - a tell tale sign of an artist's journey.

This is a story based series. With each chapter released, new adventures and new possibilities unlock.

Squirmees created & drawn by

- Rudy The Artist


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    "we carry our friends when they are in need."


    "we do a little of this and a little of that."


    "we love to fly high in the sky."


    "we like to fly, but not too far off the ground."


    "bounce bounce bounce."


    "we usually are in no hurry at all."


    "we love to swim around in Bright Water."


    "faster than most, slower than none."


    "so many Squirmees left to discover."

Things I'd Like To Do for Squirmees.

Squirmees Merch Shop

Art prints first. Stickers next, then...

I definitely want to create cool merch for the greater public and exclusives for NFT holders.

About those art prints: I print them at home with a fine art printer (Epson p800) using vibrant 100% cotton rag paper and archival inks.

I cut and ship everything out of my studio so everything is quality controlled by me, the artist with Squirmees love.

Old School Classroom Read-A-Long

I'll record an audio read-a-long to Chapter 1 & make some cool DIY sound FX available for download on the site

Release Chapter 2

Can't wait for this chapter - things start to unfold!

"Get To Know Your Squirmee"

Each Squirmees will have a "profile page" on the shop featuring extra fun details about them - get to know them better :)

Squirmees Sounds

I'll make cool sound FX for how each Squirmees would sound like on their profile pages