Chapter 1: All Kinds Are Kind

When the first planet formed, 500 Squirmees were born,

each Squirmee unique, some with colorful horns.

They use their one eye, which can grow jumbo in size,

to see up and down and even the sides.

When Squirmees make sounds they glisten and glow, 

some have big tails and some have big toes.

Some Squirmees walk and some like to run,

some have painted stripes and some have none.

Some Squirmees have dots and some have swirls,

some have two heads in this colorful world.

Some Squirmees have curvy hair they like to call “waves,”

some have lots of it and others just shave.

Squirmees have skills to help get them around,

some swim in water and some touch the clouds.

The Steppers walk on the ground in no hurry at all,

and Flappers fly high with no fear they will fall.

The Zoomers have stick legs and run really quick,

and Hoppers bounce up and down performing back flips.

The Floaters fear heights and fly low to the ground,

and Unders paddle in Bright Water with a squishy sound.

The Cruisers carry Unders in water globes on land

and the Dabblers will surprise you with all that they can.

Every Squirmee is different, they have their own minds,

all shapes, all colors, Squirmees of all kinds.




Chapter 2 coming in Nov :)

As the Squirmees say: