Rudy The Artist

Born Rudy Pollorena Jr. from San Diego.

~ I love riding my bike in the outdoors and adventuring the world with my wife.

I've created, learned, adapted, evolved and been tested during my 25+ year art journey.

The Hats I've Worn

• Graphic Designer

• Artist (Jolly Spaceship)

• Beer Artist (Craft Beerd brand 2013-2019)

• Video Game Designer (2000-2010)

• Painter

• Music Maker

• Entrepreneur

From designing coupon ads, to creating video games, developing apps, making art for beer labels, to running a successful beer art company and now, my latest venture with Crypto & NFT's...


I always wanted to create my own creative universe in my own art style, with my own fantastical creatures and write my own story...

NFT's first, other mediums to follow.

It's time to take all the disciplines I've ever learned, learn some more and create something amazing.

"An artists journey is never just their own - it's those they circle with that help them lay down the coats of paint." - Rudy The Artist

My 1st NFT Collection

(Released Fall 2021)