Things For Later Squirmees Stuff.

Squirmees Merch Shop

Art prints first. Stickers next, then...

I definitely want to create cool merch for the greater public and exclusives for NFT holders.

About those art prints: I print them at home with a fine art printer (Epson p800) using vibrant 100% cotton rag paper and archival inks.

I cut and ship everything out of my studio so everything is quality controlled by me, the artist with Squirmees love.

Old School Classroom Read-A-Long (On NFT Launch Day)

I'll record an audio read-a-long to Chapter 1 & make some cool DIY sound FX available for download on the site

Release Chapter 2

Can't wait for this chapter - things start to unfold!

"Get To Know Your Squirmee"

Each Squirmees will have a "profile page" on the shop featuring Squirmees #1 - #500 with extra fun details about them

Squirmees Sounds

I'll make cool sound FX for how each Squirmees would sound like on their profile pages


I will write an in depth Post-Mortem to illustrate my journey creating Squirmees, start to finish. From pen to iPad to contract deployment and everything in between.

This is about building and sustaining a community. Not only the Squirmees community, but the larger Crypto Art & NFT community.

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