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How Much Will The NFT's Cost?

.08 ETH each

How Many In The Collection?

500 Squirmees in Series 1 - Genesis Collection.

I started drawing and didn't stop until around 500, which I thought was a great collection and number to populate a planet ;)

Are There Traits?

Some. (which could make them more rare.)

Since the Squirmees are all hand drawn (nothing generative), art was the focus, not distribution of traits.

Some Squirmees have traits ``naturally`` and ``uncoincidentally.``

What Are The NFT Holder Benefits?

This collection is about telling a story and painting a creative universe.

The first benefit is you hold a unique piece of art via the NFT. No other NFT will be made of your particular Squirmees.

As I develop the story, other fun projects may develop such as books, merchandise, unlocks, etc

I want Squirmees to be as fluid and fun as possible without making a bunch of false promises and checklists.

What Are The NFT Specs?

Each Squirmees is minted as an ERC-721 token on the Ethereum blockchain with Manifold. All images and metadata are stored on Arweave.

All 500 Squirmees have been pre-minted on the contract - just pay for the NFT.

Is This A Story Driven Universe?

Yes - Chapter 1 available now.

Future art releases and "creative branches" are guided by the story I write and tell.

This approach keeps things creatively fresh & focused for me as the artist and exciting for you, as fans.

What Rights Do I have With The NFT?

Non-commerial rights only. Personal use only. No derivative projects.

Will There Be More Squirmees NFT Collections?

Yes. As the story is written & chapters unveiled, new art will coincide with the chapters along with potential surprises for Series 1.

Who Is The Team?

My name is "Rudy The Artist" aka Rudy Pollorena Jr. - a one man team

I have a background in video game design, entrepreneur (ran a successful "beer art" brand), art, developed a few game apps with friends and now vested in the NFT community and making Squirmees my focus for years to come.

I create all the art, write the story and plan out future releases with current resources.

What Does The Future Hold?

As Squirmees grow, I grow. As the community grows, Squirmees grow along with you.

I will explore different mediums with Squirmees such as NFT's, story-books, paintings, merchandise and be as creative as possible to explore the most fun out of the Squirmees universe :)